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Team Assessment Pricing

Both the free and paid versions of the evaluation can help give you an overview of your teamwork effectiveness. They both also include more detail and functionality, to identify strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint issues, and achieve a greater impact with directed team building and developing efforts. The free version is not customizable, but the paid version is customizable. You can upgrade anytime, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

FREE Trial Standard/Paid
Survey Not customizable Customizable
Reporting Not customizable Customizable
Branding Not customizable Customizable
Email Reminders Manual Automatic
Support Limited Unlimited
Automatic Probing Yes Yes
Interactive Dashboard Yes Yes
Printable Report Yes Yes
Team Strengths Yes Yes
Team Weaknesses Yes Yes
Team Alignment Yes Yes
Initial Setup Time None 30 minutes
Launch Time 2 minutes 2 minutes
Survey Completion Time 5 minutes 5 minutes
One-Time Setup Fee $0 $0 to $750
Price $0 $95/team
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