Online Suggestion Box FAQs

What is Focal BOX™?

Focal BOX is an online (virtual) suggestion box that enables employees to share their anonymous feedback on anything, anytime and anywhere. It offers significant advantages over the old-fashioned suggestion box, including convenience for employees, faster delivery of submissions, and the ability for HR to respond directly while maintaining employee anonymity. Since it's Web-based, there is nothing to download or install, and it automatically optimizes for every device.

Who uses it?

It is used by a wide range of organizations, from start-ups and Fortune 100 companies to government agencies and international organizations. Although it is intended to be used for feedback from employees, it can also be used for feedback from other stakeholders, such as customers. Inappropriate use or abuse may result in termination.

How does it work?

First, you set up your suggestion box by entering a password for the Web portal and an email address to receive the submissions. You can also display your logo, customize the message, and include a numeric rating question. Then, you share the URL with your employees, who can bookmark it in their browser for easy access later. When employees submit their anonymous feedback, you receive it instantly via email. If you enable employees to request a reply, you can respond to them directly while maintaining their anonymity.

Is it really anonymous?

Yes, it's completely anonymous. If an employee enters their email address in the designated field in the submission form to receive a reply, we make sure their email address is not displayed in the submission. When the administrator replies, we relay the email through our system and route it to the employee while maintaining their anonymity. If an employee does not enter their email address, even CustomInsight won't know who the submitter was.

How do I share feedback with others?

You can forward submissions to others via email or share all submissions with designated individuals by entering their email addresses into the administrative portal. Of course, you could also use an email alias that's connected to a distribution list on your mail server (such as as the destination email address.

How should I share the results with my organization?

You could send an email to the organization on a regular basis (e.g., monthly or quarterly) with a simple table that displays the feedback received and the response/action. Being responsive will encourage more feedback and build a virtuous cycle – to help you build trust, employee engagement, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Is our information private and secure?

Yes, we take both privacy and security very seriously. In short, we won't share your information with anyone without your permission, per our privacy policy. Also, our systems are continuously monitored by security and our servers are in a restricted access facility, with firewalls separating the data from the website and the internet.

What's the difference between the free trial and the paid version?

There's no difference. The free trial has all the features of the paid version so you can try it fully.

How can the URL be customized?

We can change the end of the URL from a random code to a text string that you provide, which could be your company name, for example (e.g.,

What are the payment options?

You can easily pay by credit card from within your account. You can also pay by other methods, such as check or wire transfer. We do not renew your account automatically, but display the days remaining, starting a couple months before expiration. You can renew anytime before expiration for continuous access.

Can we get a demo?

Since it's so easy to set up and launch, a demo is rarely needed, but we'd be glad to jump on a quick call to show you the ropes. We also have a user guide that explains how to customize your box and promote it to your employees, using our included resources (e.g., webpages for employees, video for employees, and customized flyer with QR code).

Do you provide support during the free trial?

Although support is not typically needed, we're here for you, and you can call or email us anytime. We also have a user guide that explains how to customize your box and promote it to your employees, using our included resources (e.g., webpages for employees, video for employees, and customized flyer with QR code).

What if I have additional questions?

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