Sample Student, Parent, and Teacher Survey Questions

Our online surveys are designed to capture the broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences of students, teachers, staff, and families, giving schools and/or districts valuable insights. With feedback from the questionnaire, superintendents principals, state departments of education, counselors, and teachers can identify areas where your school and/or district excels and pinpoint opportunities for growth. Data-driven results help you identify factors affecting performance, motivation, school safety, engagement, sense of belonging, and learning.

Recommended survey topics for students, parents, and teachers:

  • Staff-Student Relationships
  • Belonging & Community
  • Learning Environment
  • Bullying & Safety
  • Discipline
  • Communication

Sample School Survey Report Dashboard

Sample School Climate and Culture Survey Questions

The sample items below are taken directly from our School Climate and Culture survey. You can also include your own custom questions. While designing your survey, you will work with one of our experts to help you create a fully customizable survey that uses validated items from our item bank and custom items to best meet your school's and/or district's unique needs.

The School Climate and Culture Survey includes a student perception survey, parent survey, and teacher/staff questionnaire. While we recommend administering the survey to all groups to have a more robust, holistic picture of your school and/or district culture, you can also opt to administer it to one or two stakeholder groups.

Student Perception Survey Questions

Designed for students of all ages – from preschool to elementary, middle, and high school – our questionnaire can help your school get insights into how students feel about school safety, bullying, student-teacher relationships, belongingness, and learning, among other key factors. Every interaction a student has with the school, their teachers, peers, administrators, bus drivers, coaches, and more, shapes their experience and, in turn, perception.

Survey Items

  • My teachers give me useful and constructive feedback about my work.
  • Teachers treat all students fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, or other personal characteristics.
  • There are adults at my school who I can talk to if I am having a problem.
  • Students can disagree with teachers without fear of getting in trouble.
  • If a student is being bullied or harassed, other students try to stop it.

Parent Survey Questions

Student success increases with family and parent engagement. Our parent questionnaire can provide your school and/or district with feedback about key attitudes families have regarding their child’s learning, learning environment, well-being, school safety, bullying, and community. Based on the data, your school and/or district can take actions to engage families and improve educational outcomes.

Survey Items

  • My student's teachers follow through on what they say they will do.
  • There are adults at this school who care about my student and their future.
  • My student is adequately challenged in their classes.
  • Bullying or harassment of any sort is taken seriously and dealt with appropriately at my student's school.
  • My student has a clear understanding of the school rules and the consequences for breaking those rules.

Staff & Teacher Survey Questions

The greatest resource any school or school district has are teachers and staff. Our online teacher and staff questionnaire can give your school and/or district the information it needs to identify your teachers’ social, emotional, and professional needs. Collect feedback regarding professional satisfaction, opportunities for growth and professional development, cultural competence, readiness to support all learners, school environment, the relationship with peers, families, school administration, and more. Use our bank of questions and use your own, customized survey questions that relate directly to your school and/or district needs. Elevate your teachers’ and staff's voices, and increase retention and engagement.

Survey Items

  • Students at my school are respectful to teachers, staff, and administrators.
  • Bullying or harassment of any sort is taken seriously and dealt with appropriately at my school.
  • When students get a grade in my class, they understand why they got that grade.
  • Students can disagree with teachers without fear of getting in trouble.
  • I have access to the training and resources I need in order to implement my school's discipline policies.

Sample Report

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