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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Examples

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging can be sensitive topics in the modern workplace. People often have strong opinions and strong reactions (both positive and negative) to DEI programs. We see this firsthand in the comments employees provide when they fill out a DEI survey. Some people share heartwrenching personal experiences, while others make it clear that the've "had enough" or that they feel alienated by what they perceive as too much focus on DEI.

It's important to keep all this in mind when deciding what questions to include in a DEI survey.

  • The questionnaire should identify any problem areas, deficiencies, or opportunities for improvement.
  • It should give people a chance to tell their stories and share their experiences so that other people can have a chance to develop a greater level of awareness and appreciation for what they have felt or gone through.
  • The communications and DEI process should assume that some people might be experiencing "DEI burnout" and try to address this situation along the way.
Sample DEI Report Dashboard
sample DEI report dashboard

Sample DEI Survey Questions

These examples are taken directly from our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging questionnaire template. With CustomInsight's DEI tool, you can build your own questionnaire using benchmarked items like these. You can also include your own custom questions.


Topics: Valuing Diversity, Org Culture, Leadership

Survey Items

  • People of all cultures and backgrounds are respected and valued in this organization.
  • Our senior leaders emphasize the value of diversity in creating a stronger organization.
  • The leaders of this organization actively promote a culture of diversity.
  • My manager values people with different talents, skills, and backgrounds.
  • My manager emphasizes the value of diversity in creating a stronger team.


Topics: Fairness, Empowerment, Compensation

Survey Items

  • I am paid fairly for the work I do.
  • This organization's policies for promotion and advancement are always fair.
  • Everybody is treated fairly in this organization.
  • People from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to succeed in this organization.
  • People with different ideas are valued in this organization.


Topics: Personal Expression (Psychological Safety), Teamwork, Harassment

Survey Items

  • Our senior leaders are genuinely interested in the opinions of all employees.
  • My manager welcomes and encourages differences of opinion.
  • My manager values my talents and the contribution I make.
  • It really feels like everybody is on the same team in this organization.
  • The leaders of this organization have made it clear that harassment will not be tolerated, regardless of who you are.
  • If I had a concern about harassment or discrimination, I know where and how to report that concern.


Format: Yes/No Questions with Comment Box

Survey Questions:

  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable or out of place at work because of your personal characteristics (e.g. gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation)?
  • Have you ever felt pressured to hide or change things about yourself in order to fit in at work?
  • Do you feel that your unique attributes, traits, characteristics, skills, experience, and background are valued at work?
  • Do you ever feel left out at work - either when engaging in work activities or socially?
  • Can you identify people similar to yourself in leadership positions at your organization?

Questionnaires that include items like the ones listed here are most effective when the results include benchmarks. With benchmarking, the DEI report can include percentiles that compare your scores to the results received by other organizations. Beyond enabling you to compare your results to other organizations, benchmarks help you prioritize and focus your attention for greater impact.

Sample Report

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