Custom Survey FAQ

Can the custom survey be used instead of the employee engagement survey?

The custom survey should not be used instead of our employee engagement survey since it does not provide the special analytics of our employee engagement survey. But it could be used for other topics or to supplement insights from the employee engagement survey (e.g., onboarding surveys, exit surveys, diversity & inclusion surveys, benefits surveys, etc.).

Do you provide online training/support?

Since the interface for our custom survey is very intuitive and designed for self-service, we don't provide training; however, we'd be glad to give you instructions and a quick demo and we are always ready to help if needed.

How often can I create custom questionnaires during the year?

Use the custom survey maker as often as you want. There's no limit.

Can I use it to survey people who are not employees?

Yes, you can use it to survey anyone.

Do you offer an online dashboard?

For this solution, not yet. The custom survey results are available in printed reports (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel).

How does the system protect anonymity?

We aggregate the results and do not permit viewing of survey results for groups of less than four respondents.

Can we receive results for individual employees?

Only if you inform employees in the survey that their feedback is not anonymous.

What happens when my account expires?

You will still be able to access your results, but you'll need to renew to initiate a new survey.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can try it for free for a small group of employees.

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