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360 Degree Feedback - Report Features

  • Three report types, thousands of possible configurations
    Individual Reports, Group Reports, and Gap Reports
  • Development recommendations
    The Individual Report includes additional suggestions and development recommendations that participants can reference as they review their feedback results.
  • Customizable report content
    Our standard report offers several different ways of looking at the results. You can choose to include or exclude any of the sections on the report. Pick and choose the sections that you find most useful to create your own custom report.
  • Focus on benchmark or raw data
    The choice is up to you. If you prefer the perspective that benchmarks provide, your reports can focus on standardized scores. If you prefer to focus on the raw data, then the benchmark data can be omitted.
  • Unlimited reporting
    Get reports whenever you want, as often as you want. There is no limit on the number of reports and there is no cost per report.
  • Get reports on demand or have them delivered automatically via email
    You can have reports delivered to your inbox automatically, and you can also log in at any time, during or after the feedback period, and download a current report.
  • Edit reports as needed
    All reports are provided as Microsoft Word documents (RTF). This means you can edit reports yourself whenever necessary - delete inappropriate comments, exclude specific pages, or add additional notes or suggestions before sharing reports.
  • Branding
    Your logo can appear automatically on all reports. This option is recommended for consultants only. For companies who are using Focal 360, we recommend keeping our logo to remind participants and raters that the reports are being provided by a third party.
  • Additional customization
    If you want completely customized reports, let us know. We've created dozens of different customized reports for our clients who wanted something different from what our standard reports provide.

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