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360 Degree Feedback for Large Groups


Program Management

Participants & Raters

Reporting Features

When dealing with hundreds or even thousands of 360 feedback recipients and raters, the focus of the administrative process shifts from the individual participants and raters to the group as a whole.

For large-scale 360 Degree Feedback projects, the process starts with initial setup and configuration. We help you load your initial lists of participants and raters into the system. The list of participants includes all the people who will be receiving 360 feedback, and the list of raters includes everybody who will potentially provide feedback (e.g. all employees).

Once the initial set up is complete, you will be able to:
  • Manage participant and rater lists (add, remove, modify people on the lists)
  • Monitor completion rates by department, location, level, etc.
  • Send automatic email messages and reminders to participants and raters
  • Change program settings (e.g. deadlines) if needed
  • Generate individual and group reports on demand

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