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360 Degree Feedback - Administration Features

  • Streamlined, automated evaluation process
    The entire feedback process is automated - once you enter the names and email addresses of the people who will receive feedback, everything else just happens automatically - participants and raters are notified, feedback forms are completed, and reports are delivered to you via email.
  • Complete control over the entire feedback process
    We give you the flexibility and options to conduct your 360 project the way you want to, on your own schedule.
  • Special options for individual participants
    Customize the program settings for each participant as you go and give your 360 feedback process a more personal feel.
  • Special options for teams or small groups
    If you have a small group of participants, add them all at once using our "bulk add" and "batch" features. This option is perfect for teams, departments or other projects with about 10 to 50 people receiving feedback.
  • Special options for large groups or company-wide feedback
    We have an enterprise version of Focal 360 that is designed specifically for feedback projects that involve larger numbers of participants. You can gather feedback on hundreds or even thousands of participants at the same time with surprisingly little administrative overhead.
  • Adding participants
    You can add participants one at a time, or you can use our "bulk add" feature to upload an entire group of participants all at once.
  • Adding/Selecting raters
    There are two ways that raters can be selected for each participant:
    1. You can let participants select their own raters. You have the option to approve their rater lists and make changes if needed.
    2. You, as the administrator, can select the raters for each participant.
  • Customize survey content
    You can add your own categories and items to the survey, and you can create different versions of the 360 survey that can be used for different groups of participants (e.g. different levels, functions or clients).
  • Email templates
    You can customize the wording of the email messages that are sent to raters and participants as part of the feedback process.
  • Automated emails
    Email messages are normally sent to participants and raters automatically, so you don't have to worry about these extra administrative steps.
  • Email reminders
    A few days before the feedback deadline, we send automatic reminders to raters who have not finished the feedback survey. You can also trigger additional reminders whenever you want.
  • Monitoring progress
    You can monitor the progress of participants and raters to make sure they are getting their tasks completed on time.
  • Generating reports
    Reports can be generated and sent to you automatically via email. You can also log in and get reports yourself. You are in full control of the reporting process, so you can get reports on demand whenever you need them.
  • Multiple languages
    You can give raters the option to complete the survey in the language of their choice.
  • Paper version
    You can download a paper version of the survey that raters can fill out offline.

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