360 Degree Feedback Survey Pricing

The cost for our 360 Degree Feedback system is based on the number of people who will be receiving feedback ("participants"). There is no limit on the number of raters that each participant can have, and there is no "per report" cost. You can generate and download as many reports as you need, including group reports.

(Pricing is the same for consultants and companies, but there are some slight differences in the setup process and product features.)

A 360 degree feedback survey is a low-cost multi rater performance evaluation to improve management, leadership, peers, and employees' competencies. This anonymous multi rater appraisal is a blueprint for action.


Initial set-up: US$750 (one-time fee)

Ongoing: Typical cost starts at US$95 per person receiving feedback.

Initial set-up includes

  • Administrative account configuration
  • Administrative training and technical support
  • Your logo (if applicable)
  • Custom URL, white-label branding (if applicable)

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Summary of popular features


  • Anonymous Results are combined by rater group
  • Validated Based on 20 years of research and analysis
  • Customizable Use our survey items/questions or your own
  • Unlimited raters The average number of raters is about a dozen
  • Mobile-friendly Layout adjusts so easy to read on phones
  • Benchmarking Compare externally or internally
  • Instant templates Available for different roles and lengths
  • Automatic probing Provides extra help where itís needed most
  • Save progress Continue later from any device
  • Translated Available in dozen of languages


  • Professional Polished design makes you look good
  • Customizable Branding and content can be tailored
  • Individuals & groups View any combination of participants
  • Strengths & opportunities For both individuals and groups
  • Gap analyses Blind spots & hidden strengths
  • Intuitive dashboard Interactive online reporting tool
  • Expert guidance Insight & advice for all our survey items
  • Action planning Add goals and tasks for flagged items
  • Progress checks Assess improvement in focus areas
  • Interpersonal style Like a personality assessment


  • Full orientation We help with configuration and setup
  • Unlimited support You can call or email us anytime
  • Streamlined Launch feedback requests in minutes
  • Flexible From rater selection to report distribution
  • Automatic From reminders to report distribution
  • Resources Educational documents and videos
  • Secure Password protected and encrypted
  • Reliable Over 99.9% uptime for decades